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What is Christianity?

In a nutshell, it is the belief that God sent Jesus Christ, His only Son from heaven, who was completely sinless; into the world to die as an innocent man on the cross, and suffer punishment in hell that was originally sentenced to us, who are sinners. He took the punishment in hell that was meant for us who have sinned against God.

How do I become a Christian?

To become a Christian you must first admit that you have sinned against God and His commands (ie. that you have not honoured God as He deserves to be honoured, and have broken one or more of His commandments).

Secondly, you acknowledge that it is through Jesus' death on the cross and His taking of the punishment that was meant for you to take, that your sins are forgiven and you are allowed to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Thirdly, you honour God as your loving Creator, and whom you will honour and follow wholeheartedly for the rest of your life.



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